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Sharpener combo

Key features at a glance


  • Permanent antimicrobial surface protection

  • Pro-actively inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria 

  • Improves hygiene 

  • Ergonomic pentagonal design

  • Superior multi facet eraser

  • Precision high grade sharpener

  • Proudly and sustainably made in Britain

A sharpener combo with superpowers

The durable and precisely engineered case and sharpener housing is infused with a patented substance called Biomaster which contains a silver biocide that protects the product surface by pro-actively inhibiting the growth of micro organisms like bacteria.


It is also reassuring to know that the antimicrobial properties of our sharpener combo do not wear off. This is because the Biomaster silver biocide is combined with the base material before it is moulded into shape, so bio resistance continues for the lifetime of the product.


Biomaster is a totally safe substance that is also used in medical, food and water applications.


Superior user experience

The pentagonal form and physical dimensions of our sharpener combo make it satisfyingly comfortable to hold and use, both for sharpening and erasing.


The unique pentagon tip eraser offers a variety of points, edges and planes allowing both detail and broad area erasing.


The high grade steel blade housed in a metal alloy housing delivers clean smooth pencil sharpening to a super fine point without snagging or crumbling the graphite.


Proudly made in Britain

Bio 5 have partnered with one of the last remaining family run British pencil manufacturers whose heritage is steeped in quality pencil making tradition and dates back for over a century.


We are immensely proud to be able to state that our pencils are designed and manufactured in the UK, something that very few pencils can claim, and from the get go this makes our delivery footprint into UK schools an eco friendly and light one.


A sharpener combo that cares for our planet

All the materials used in the construction of our sharpener combo are made from recycled material wherever possible and made with the utmost care and consideration for the environment.


Our ethos is to design and make things well so they perform and last. But do that with the utmost regard for natural resources and carbon consumption. We also use zero plastic in our packaging.

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