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Triform Pencil

Key features at a glance


  • Permanent antimicrobial lacquer coating

  • Surface protection that pro-actively inhibits microbes and bacteria 

  • Reduces SARS Cov-2 by 99%*

  • Improves hygiene 

  • Ergonomic Triform section design

  • Smooth glide graphite

  • Soft and rich writing / drawing experience

  • Proudly and sustainably made in Britain

  • ISO standard ISO 21702 & ISO 22196

Pencils with superpowers

The rich lacquer coating on Bio 5 pencils is infused with antimicrobial properties using a patented substance called Biomaster. It contains a silver biocide that protects the surface by pro-actively inhibiting the growth of micro organisms like bacteria and reduces SARS Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.*


Biomaster is a totally safe substance that is also used in medical food prep so, should anyone chew a Bio 5 pencil, and obviously we wouldn’t recommend that, no harm will be done.


It is also reassuring that the antimicrobial properties of our pencils don’t wear off. This is because we mix the Biomaster into the lacquer before being applied to the pencil, so bio resistance continues for the lifetime of the pencil.


*When tested to ISO 21702 a reduction in SARS COV-2 of 99.7% was seen after 24 hours when compared to glass control.


Superior user experience

Unlike many triangular section pencils, our Triform design has no flat edges. Instead, each of the three sides carries a subtle radius that seamlessly blends into the beautifully rounded corners. 


The result is a pencil barrel that feels perfectly comfortable to hold, yet guides the fingers into a natural grip position. This makes them Ideal for young children learning to use a pencil, right through to students refining their handwriting or working on detailed technical projects.


The lead - a graphite composition - is a closely guarded secret formula that uses a combination of premium graphite, wax and clay that results in super smooth writing/drawing experience, and superb pressure response when in contact with the paper. This means that for a HB pencil, that sits right in the middle of the hardness scale, a remarkable variety of detail, texture and tone can be achieved. 


Our secret graphite formula also offers the perfect balance between durability and lay down. Bio 5 pencils can hold a very fine point when sharpened that won’t crumble when gentle pressure is applied - ideal for highly detailed work - and the sides of the point will smoothly lay down consistent, rich tone - making them a delight for drawing and sketching.


A proud British pencil heritage

Bio 5 have partnered with one of the last remaining family run British pencil manufacturers whose heritage is steeped in quality pencil making tradition and dates back for over a century. We are immensely proud to be able to state that our pencils are designed and manufactured in the UK, something that very few pencils can claim, and from the get go this makes our delivery footprint into UK schools an eco friendly and light one.


Pencils that care for our planet

All the materials used in the construction of our pencils… the graphite core, the cultivated wood barrel, the antimicrobial deep lacquer coating and our signature black dipped ferrule are all made with the utmost care and also consideration for the environment. 


You can be assured that:

  • We don’t use any toxic materials in our lacquering

  • The wood we use is sustainably sourced and cultivated for purpose

  • Our packaging uses zero plastic


Our ethos is to design and make things well so they perform and last. But do that with the utmost regard for natural resources and carbon consumption. 


Bio 5 may be a new name in stationery but it is one that is backed by long standing British expertise in pencil manufacturing. Our brightly coloured pencils with their signature gloss black ferrule will soon become a staple in UK stationery supplies.

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