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Imagine our superheroes on your marketing team

From the outset we wanted to create a stationery brand with a difference. Our products possess antimicrobial superpowers, so what better way to get that message across to school children than with the help of superheroes. 


The endearing success of Marvel's comic books and films tell us that we love our superheroes, and what do we like even better than a superhero? A team of superheroes of course.

So we set out to develop our own unique team of superheroes who would become the champions of hygienic school stationery, on a mission to make life impossible for microbes and bacteria.

This animated short was the first outing for our heroes, announcing to the world, or at least to visitors at the London Stationery Show, of the arrival of Bio 5 and our range of antimicrobial, British made stationery products.

DIO_Standing one hand holding lance_5K transparentBG_low res.png

Our characters feature on packaging and in marketing material to help our products stand out and to get our antimicrobial message across to kids and parents alike.

We are currently investing in our characters, bringing them to life through high quality digital animation so they can feature in digital marketing as well as packaging and point of sale material.

If you are interested in learning more about our products and the superhero marketing team behind them, we would love to hear from you.

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