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Stationery with antimicrobial superpowers

What we mean by antimicrobial superpowers, is the ability to inhibit the growth of microbes and harmful bacteria on the surfaces of all our products. We achieve this using a patented, proven and trusted substance called Biomaster.


Take a look at the video below that demonstrates how Biomaster protects the surfaces of our products.

The science behind the superpowers

How effective is the use of Biomaster in our products?

Very. Biomaster is proven to inhibit the growth of microbes by up to 99.99%. 


Are Bio 5 products safe?

Rest assured that they are. The Biomaster additive we use in our products is based on silver ion technology, recognised for centuries with no harmful effects. In fact Biomaster is also often used in medical, food and water applications because it is so safe.


What’s the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial?

If something is antimicrobial, it inhibits the growth of, or destroys harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds.  Whereas antibacterial specifically prevents the growth of bacteria.


Have our products been tested?

Yes, repeatedly.
 Firstly, Biomaster is independently tested to ISO standards and is subject to on-going quality control tests and environmental trials. Secondly, every one of our products is also tested to ISO standards and it is our product test data that we publish on our packaging and in other marketing material.


How long is the surface protection effective for?

Because Biomaster is added to the base materials that we use to manufacture our products, the surface protection is effective for the intended lifetime of the product. It is 'built-in' and doesn’t wear off or leach out.

Does Biomaster aversely affect our products in any way?

You can’t see, smell or even taste Biomaster.


Can our Biomaster-treated products be recycled?

This is obviously very important to us and the simple answer is yes, all our products can be recycled effectively without any complications. 


Is Biomaster effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

 Biomaster has been proven to be affective to antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE).

Targeting hygiene in stationery

The antimicrobial protection that our products provide is not intended to be a substitute for cleaning but to complement cleaning regimes and provide additional hygienic benefits.


Our hands are really important to keep hygienic which is why washing them regularly is so important. Stationery items and particularly school stationery is often passed around or placed on desks used by many. Using antimicrobial stationery, we can effectively target hygiene in an area where the risk is high of picking up microbes and bacteria on our hands.


Take a look at this video to learn more about targeted hygiene.

Interested in stationery with antimicrobial superpowers?

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