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A stationery company with a difference

Bio 5 was formed out of an unlikely alliance between its founding partners.


Wayne, a creative visionary with an encyclopaedic product knowledge and long standing experience in the stationery sector.


And Alistair, who was at the time managing a successful business making artificial joint replacements, dealing with surgeons and medics.


It was a chance discussion between the two about the antimicrobial, hygienic qualities of using silver in joint replacements, and how those same principles, could potentially make the humble school stationery set more hygienic. Surely a good thing in these unprecedented, pandemic ravaged times.


That germ of an idea, if you'll pardon the microbial pun, set them both on the path to create a stationery company with a difference.  


In fact several differences.. principal amongst them being; all our products offer lifetime antimicrobial surface protection using a patented silver biocide technology. They are made using innovative and environmentaly friendly materials. And they are designed and manufactured to a high standard here in the UK. 


And all of those principles are hard baked into our mission and philosophy for creating an innovative and sustainable stationery business. 

Bio 5 design and manufacturing bases in the UK 

Alistair Wheatley


Sales and business development

Wayne Leigh


Manufacturing and product development

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